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We are fully committed to provide the highest quality of service to get your property sold. Our honesty, integrity and personal service sets us apart from other agents in the area. In fact, we’re the top performing agency in the postcode. Here’s our 10 steps to guide you.

Step 1 - Contact Infinity

We can’t help if we don’t know you’re in the market to sell your property so please reach out to us on 020 8907 4665 or contact us here. This will enable us to get started working with you.

Step 2 - Sales Valuation

An accurate valuation of the property is a key step in getting your property ready to sell. At Infinity, we have expert valuers who can help you select the best pricing that will be fair to both you and your buyer. We provide a comprehensive sales presentation, which will highlight comparable sales properties, sold properties and our marketing strategy. This will allow us to price your property accordingly as well as make suggestions on how to achieve the best sale.

Step 3 - Finding a Solicitor

You will require the services of a solicitor experienced in property sales to help with the transaction from you to your buyer. We advise doing some research ahead of placing your property on the market so you will be ready in case an offer comes in quickly.

Step 4 - First Impressions Count!

Let’s put our heads together to make sure your property shows at its very best so you can command the best price possible. The first step in this journey is to make sure any repairs that have been waiting to be done are finished, apply a new coat of paint to walls both inside and out, if need be, and put away any items like toys, boxes, worktop appliances, etc. We will have our professional photographer come out to take pictures and then edit them for the best views of your property. Bespoke professional videos can be created too.

Step 5 - Marketing

House buyers start their search online which is why we use extensive digital marketing and ensure your property can be found easily on the best property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location. Promoting your property on social media is also essential. With over 8,500 followers across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, we make sure your campaign generates interest from the right buyers and in the quickest time frame. Other marketing options include ad campaigns, bespoke video marketing as well as direct mail and newsletters. This allows Infinity to give you the greatest number of qualified viewings possible.

Step 6 - Viewings

As soon as potential buyers express interest and are vetted, we accompany them to your property and walkthrough each area providing all the details. We make sure we have answers to any questions they may have as well as provide information on the local area. Viewings give us the opportunity to build a conversation with buyers. We want them to feel confident and reassured they are making the right decision. It’s also important for us to receive constructive feedback if they don’t make an offer.

Step 7 - Handling Offers

One of the most exciting times for a seller is when there are multiple offers for their home or investment property. We notify you of offers both verbally and in writing and go over any special requirements a prospective buyer may have.

Step 8 - An Agreement is Reached

Once you have decided on a buyer and have accepted an offer, we confirm the details of the solicitor you’ve chosen as well as the agreed price between the parties and draft a memorandum of sale. Your solicitor will send out a draft contract to the buyer’s solicitor who will make the necessary enquiries. There is no legal contract or obligation until all parties have signed the contract. You will then conduct a survey of your property, hear from your buyer’s solicitor about their mortgage offer if there is one, agree on dates for exchanging contracts, as well as a proposed date for completion of the sale. We will be there with you for each step to ensure that things are being handled to your satisfaction.

Step 9 - Exchanging Contracts

Here are some of the things that must occur before you sign the contract:

  • Preliminary enquiries following receipt of draft contract
  • A title search of your property with evidence of a good title
  • Local search queries
  • A proper list of fixtures and fittings to be part of the sale
  • The mortgage offer presented by the buyer if it isn’t an all-cash transaction
  • A deposit from the buyer is required following the mutual signing of the contract
  • This amount is typically 10% of the purchase price and will be transferred by Bacs or paid by bank draft. The buyer's solicitor will send this deposit to your solicitor and then the completion date is set when both you and the buyer agree to it.

Step 10 - The Sale is Complete!

Once the remainder of the money owed is conveyed from the buyer’s solicitor to yours, you will get a call to advise that the money has cleared in your solicitor’s client account and you may now give the keys to the buyer. Congratulations! You have sold your property.

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